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Let us 'STRETCH' Your Savings

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New AGE Supplies is a leading provider of converted Stretch films used for: WRAPPING, securing, bundling packing and protecting products.


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New AGE line of Stretch film products 5 layer Cast/Blown film

Narrow Width Film (2", 3", 4", & 5")

Hand Film (12', 15" & 18")

Machine Film (10", 20" & 30")

Extender Core (3" & 5")

Pipe Wrap (20" & 30")

Narrow Width Jumbo Rolls (any size for automatic bundling

Color Film

(Red, Blue, Green, Black & Yellow)

Narrow Width Film (3" & 5")

Hand Film (18" & 20")

Machine Film (20")

Pipe Wrap (20")

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Down Gauged and

Super High Performance Film (SHP)

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Prestretched Film

Size: 15.5” x 2000’ - 132 Rolls/Pallett

Can custom package to suit customer needs

Can custom convert to any size to meet customer needs

         Machine film stretch % - 200%





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New AGE Supplies manufactures and sources flexible packaging solutions and poly bags covering a wide range of applications. We can offer sound advice and proven expertise in developing custom products to meet the customer’s needs.

Shopping bags

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Excellent print quality with capabilities of up to 8 color flexographic printing

Various types of handles available

T-Shirt Bags

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Re-closable & Flat Poly Bags

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2 Mil, 2 Mil White Block, 2 Mil with Hang Hole   4 Mil, 4 Mil White Block, 4 Mil with Hang Hole    3 Mil Slider Zip Bags & Poly Tubing

Carton Sealing Tape

Good performance under extreme temperture conditions

Sticks instantly to most surfaces

Resists splits and tears

Clear polypropylene with acrylic adhesive

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Cutter Box Film

Shield wrap box cutter film is an economic alternative for foodservice foil wrapping. Available in a variety of lengths and widths.

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        Sizes available: 12", 15", 18" & 24"

        Length: 1000’, 2000’ & 3000’

        Case Pack: 1 each

        Blades: Slicer/Snap-on/Cardboard


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White plastic handle

Hand saver

Stretch wrap cutter

Red tension handle

   2” tape dispenser

   Stretch wrap dispenser

   Box of 100 blades for cutter

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Packaging Services

Warehousing Services